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    Bonnie Hemrajani, CEO | Mobileistic (2002)

    Bonnie Hemrajani is the CEO and a co-founder of Mobileistic. She has grown the company from its inception in 2002 to one of the top Master Dealers in the NY area for Sprint and AT&T, and for establishing the accessories business in 2007 which today has relationships with all the major manufacturers in the wireless business. Her specialty is sales, and she is focused on growing the business and maintaining relationships with the company’s dealer base and manufacturer and carrier partners. Bonnie has been in the wireless industry for 15 years.

    Bobby Bakshi, COO | Mobileistic (2002)

    Bobby is the COO of Mobileistic. He is responsible for sales, purchasing, operations and logistics for the company. He specializes in wholesale purchasing and sales and building relationships with manufacturer partners. Bobby has grown the accessories business from its inception by 1174%. In 2002, Bobby co-founded Icell Communications, a Cingular Master Dealer, which merged with Mobileistic in 2005, and previously owned and operated a chain of retail stores. Bobby has been in the wireless industry for 15 years.

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