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    Mobileistic Loyalty Program Few Guidelines and FAQ

    What is Mobileistic’s loyalty Program?

    Our loyalty program is a simple way to reward our LOYAL dealers. It provides our customers with ultimate flexibility in today’s competitive retail environment. It offers a powerful tool for our dealer to purchase from us and get rewards in doing so. It’s simple: the more you buy, the more you EARN!

    How does the Loyalty Program Work?

    Based on your purchasing history you will fall under a specific tier at the initiation of the program. Please contact your sales representative to see which tier you fall under.

    • Blue
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Platinum

    Program Guidelines

    • Our loyalty program is only applicable for retailers (exclusive/ non-exclusive) & Big Box retailers who only purchase accessories and do not have NET90 terms.
    • Customers need to be with Mobileistic for a minimum of one year to have tiers, which will then be assigned based on your purchases.
    • Points will ONLY be accrued when payments for purchases are received.
    • Points as of the end of a calendar year will not be carried forward. Points accrued at the end of the calendar year will expire by the end of February if not redeemed against purchases by end of February.
    • Customers will need to have minimum of 125 points accrued in a calendar year to start redeeming points.
    • Redemption must be made in multiples of 100 points.
    • Extremely discounted sku’s are not qualified and will not be awarded points; however, it will count towards your total Sales and could help you get to your next tier.
    • There will be points on early payments.
    • Graded penalties or no points for late payments :
      • Payments delayed beyond due date up to 7 business days – half of eligible points on such purchases will lapse.
      • Payments delayed more than 7 Business Days – All eligible points will be lapsed
      • Account needs to be current to redeem
    • On Tier upgrade during a year, you earn more points retrospectively for the entire such calendar year.
    • Each customer starts accruing points a fresh in the following calendar year, however, accrued points in last calendar year can be redeemed for future purchases by February End of the following calendar year
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